Enterprise Deployment

Leverage all of Echo with our Enterprise offering.

Echo Enterprise allows for full control, customization and tailoring to your specific organization needs and requirements. Benefit from high-availability, increased performance and complete control. The enterprise deployment holds no restrictions on the deployment topology, maxmimum number of EPS or nodes.

Once deployed you can start sending security events immediately and enjoy the full features of Echo.

Choose the deployment method for your organization

Supported providersAWS, GCE, AzureVMWare OVAVMWare OVA/Custom
Min/max number of nodes1/51/13/unlimited
Max. events per second (EPS)10,0005,000Unlimited
Deployment complexity < MinutesMinutesDays
Manual configuration requiredNoneBasicYes
Data integration
Incoming data feedYesYesYes
Data streamsYesYesYes
Data enrichmentPartialYesYes
Data feed forwardingNoNoYes
Rest APIYesYesYes
Integration with internal systemsNoYesYes
Internal user directoryNoYesYes
LDAP/Active DirectoryNoYesYes
Custom authentication providerNoNoYes
Document level securityYesYesYes
Field level securityYesYesYes
High availability
Data replicationOptionalNoYes
Multi availability zonesOptionalNoYes
Regular backupsYesOptionalOptional
Warm backup standbyNoNoOptional
Data retention policiesYesYesYes
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