OEM Integration

Software innovators and vendors use Echo to embed its valuable features into their own products and provide their end-users with Cybersecurity forensics and rich incident context.

Leading Cybersecurity software vendors are already using Echo to enrich their product and offering. Echo can be completely customized to complement the product look & feel, workflows, APIs and integrations.

OEM Partners work closely with Echo engineers to ensure a perfect product fit and short time-to-market. The enhanced product's end-users experience all of Echo's features and capabilities while not leaving the product's context.

Customized User Experience

OEM end-users experience a custom tailored user interface for their use, this includes branding, roles and permissions. OEM vendors decide on the base package and what content each of the users sees.

Multi Tenancy

Echo fully supports complex role and permission structures and requirements, down to the event's field level. OEMs can safely use Echo for both in-house and external display of Cybersecurity data.

Custom Workflows

Echo can be tailored to complement the OEMs product existing workflows and procedures to allow a smooth and single user experience to the end-user.

Best-in-class Support

Echo's OEM support package offers a complete cover over any issue they may experience, our team of engineers understand the importance of a delay or a defect in your product.


Echo engineers are hands-on and are not afraid to get dirty. During the development of the enhanced product, development teams work side-by-side to ensure optimal efficiency and throughput.

Integrations & Data Streams

Echo is enterprise-ready and built for quick and painless integration at scale. Designed to cope with a high data-velocity, you can scale Echo as your organization's Cybersecurity requirements grow.