The Echo Platform

Echo is a Cybersecurity Data Platform

Echo is a big-data platform crafted into the domain of Cybersecurity by data and leader security experts from enterprise organizations. Echo's focus is on providing operators and analysts with effective solutions for real-world events and incidents.

As a platform, Echo leverages recent years' advancement in big-data search, processing and storing and exposes to its users a wide set of visual tools, programmatic API interfaces and advanced processing capabilities.

The Echo Data Platform key components

Cybersecurity Forensics

Forensics is at the heart of Cybersecurity and Echo fully supports the analyst's duties. Echo offers an innovative approach for forensics, from the initial investigation to complete mitigation.

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Analytics & Visualization

Echo offers a rich, powerful and intuitive dashboards interface for the security analyst. Analysts can easily and quickly explore, search, drill-down and gain insight into security events.

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Realtime Data Discovery

Echo exposes a realtime data feed of enriched SIEM data, allowing analysts and operators to identify and analyze to Cybersecurity threats as they happen.

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Grow With Your Data Needs

Echo is a stack of components working together to provide a coherent and concise user experience. Built on top of Container leading technology, scaling Echo is as simple as running a single command in an operator's console.

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Integrations & Data Streams

Echo's powerful and flexible Data Streams allow enterprises to react quickly to Cybersecurity incidents and events as they arrive. Each event follows a custom-tailored ruleset to allow searching, alerts, visualizing and enforcment of policies.

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Enterprise Ready

Echo is enterprise-ready and built for quick and painless integration at scale. Designed to cope with a high data-velocity, you can scale Echo as your organization's Cybersecurity requirements grow.

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