Echo for Postillion

Cybersecurity Intiative Across the Organization

Echo offers organizations with a clear and concise overview over their Cybersecurity health and status:

  • Cyber health 360° dashboards and views
  • SOC Operations
  • Cybersecurity forensics
  • Realtime data drilldown
  • Enterprise ready

Echo currently operates in dozens of Production sites helping small to enterprise scale organizations gain better insight from their Cybersecurity data.

A complete Cybersecurity 360° view

Echo helps organizations gain a 360° view of their users' actions, this includes any recorded event which can be related to a specific user, be it a login or a physical entrance to the building.

The organization's users and employees can be it soft belly, exposing the organization to employee fraud or being a valuable target for attackers via pishing and other methods. Echo enables Security teams to have a single consolidated view showing the user's activity timeline, major events, alerts and incidents.

Collaborate and share knowledge

Security team members can share dashboards, queries or drilldowns with their co-workers to support a short and decisive incident resolution.

Sharing findings and observations is critical for the day-to-day job of Security teams and this can easily be accomplished with Echo's sharing capabilities. Users receiving the link can easily open it in their browsers, export it to PDF or communicate it further to authorized users.

Single source of truth

Echo provides a simple google-like freetext search on all of the organization's Cybersecurity related data, simple and fast. Echo's query syntax is powerful and intuitive allowing operators to quickly narrow down their field of search.

Echo event processing engine is built to deal with high data velocity speeds without compromising on quality or accuracy. Operators can view threats on-screen in realtime and they easily drill-down to gain a better context on the threat, it's nature and raw details.