Echo for CISOs

Cybersecurity Data Platform That Works

Echo is designed to work continously within fenced-off networks and give immediate value upon deployment.

  • Reduce time-to-resolution
  • Single Interface for All Systems
  • Painless integration
  • Realtime data drilldown
  • Enterprise ready

Echo currently operates in dozens of Production sites helping small to enterprise scale organizations gain better insight from their Cybersecurity data.

Reduce time-to-resolution

Echo's rich dashboards and visualizations, coupled with its powerful search engine allow operators to quickly gain insight about the potential threat, establish a course of action and start execution.

Echo supports integration with all major databases, REST API and legacy systems to fetch details about the event and present them immediately on screen for the operator to review.

Painless integration

Echo exposes a simple mechanism for data pull/push into its datastore, this enables organizations to ship all of its Cybersecurity data into Echo for further analysis.

Organizations hold a wealth of data of many types and classes. Echo receives the major bulk from raw data collectors, however in most cases, additional data sources are required. Using Echo's 45+ integration points, organization's can easily integrate their in-house data systems with Echo.

Custom in-house integration

Every organization has its own DNA, a way-of-doing-things. Echo aims to be flexible and extinsble to support these specific uses-cases and requirements.

Echo has been used for many different scenarios by our customers, from Security & Operations of bank ATM fleets to provide their customer the best levels of service to National Infrastructure agecies to visualize site alerts and gain a nation level overview of Security threats.