Echo for IT Adminisrators

A Tool For Your Day-to-Day Operations

IT administrators are one of the busiest organization's departments and Echo helps by providing simple to operate day-to-day tools designed to cope with IT assignments.

  • Uncover bottlenecks and issues
  • Central collection of logs and metrics
  • Reduce time-to-resolutions
  • Realtime data drilldown
  • Enterprise ready

Echo currently operates in dozens of Production sites helping small to enterprise scale organizations gain better insight from their Cybersecurity data.

Uncover bottlenecks and issues

Echo gives operators direct access to their underlying raw data with powerful freetext search. This enables realtime monitoring and detection of issues and anomalies.

Echo records events as a time-series, meaning that each event is stored with its set of timestamps. This allows the user and Echo to gain a better understanding on the event's context and decide how to act on it.

Central collection of logs and metrics

Echo provides a simple google-like freetext search on all of the organization's Cybersecurity related data, simple and fast. Echo's query syntax is powerful and intuitive allowing operators to quickly narrow down their field of search.

Echo event processing engine is built to deal with high data velocity speeds without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Reduce time-to-resolution

Echo's rich dashboards and visualizations, coupled with its powerful search engine allow operators to quickly gain insight about the potential threat, establish a course of action and start execution.

Echo supports integration with all major databases, REST API and legacy systems to fetch details about the event and present them immediately on screen for the operator to review.