Echo for Security Operations

A Single Platform for Your Cybersecurity needs

Security operations stand as the front line of defence against Cybersecurity threats.

  • Single Interface for All Systems
  • SOC Operations
  • On-screen Enrichment
  • Realtime event processing
  • Enterprise ready

Echo enables security teams to respond quickly and effectively when a new incident arise.

Events Timeline

Echo records events as a time-series, meaning that each event is stored with its set of timestamps. This allows the user and Echo to gain a better understanding on the event's context and decide how to act on it.

Echo timelines are used for a veriaty of topics, as part of User Management 360°, where the user's activitiy timeline is plotted to Malware reports where we use timelines to review the spread of malware within organizations.

On-screen Enrichment

Echo provides SOC operators with a single on-screen interface to consoldiate event data and information from both internal and external systems to allow operators a quick and decisive outlook at the entire event's context.

Echo supports integration with all major databases, REST API and legacy systems to fetch details about the event and present them immediately on screen for the operator to review.

Realtime event processing

Echo is enterprise-ready and built for quick and painless integration at scale. Designed to cope with a high data-velocity, you can scale Echo as your organization's Cybersecurity requirements grow.